Namale Case Study


This case study is intended to improve the overall brand presence of Namale, to provide a simplified, more intuitive user experience and help streamline the reservation process and promote the brand. The goal is to enhance usability on the site, as well as align with Namale’s most critical metrics:

Direct Bookings, Research and Customer Support.


Redefining all-inclusive, Namale Resort and Spa is set amidst 525 acres of breathtaking tropical beauty in Fiji’s northern island of Vanua Levu. This intimate, adults-only boutique setting offers a truly unique and authentically Fijian experience. Catering to some of the world’s most exclusive clientele, their world-class staff is devoted to providing an exquisitely luxurious experience unparalleled by any other all-inclusive resort in Fiji.

Task Based Analysis


Overview: The current structure allow bookings by clicking through a series of links from the main nav. User is then presented with two options: Inquire and View Room.

Problem: Excessive clicking to make reservation inquiries, which could ultimately lead to user frustration and site abandonment.

Solution: Streamline the booking process by eliminating any unnecessary clicking. Incorporate “Reserve” link to upper right nav, so user can quickly complete task of booking a reservation. “One click booking” meets the fast-paced lifestyle of target demographic.



Overview: What sets the resort apart from others is the vast variety of all-inclusive offerings. Currently, the user can research activities by links in the top nav.

Problem: All-inclusive resort offerings are not well conveyed. User must dig in order to find out activities are offered and what comes with their package.

Solution: Update the taxonomy by changing “All Inclusive” to “Experience” to appeal to high-end clientele. By further categorizing and refining the different offerings by type (Activities, Spa, Dining, etc), unique features are more clear to user, making the resort an even more attractive vacation destination.


Overview: Social media is a key element for this resort, as the location is exclusive and set upon a beautiful landscape. Presently, social media links are displayed in the footer of the site.

Problem: Resort would like to promote the Instagram feed to encourage user interaction and showcase the island’s stunning photography. Social media links are not receiving proper attention and get lost in the footer.

Solution: Shift social media links to header for easy access. Incorporate a gallery row above footer to both showcase the beautiful photography, promote the Instagram feed and encourage user interaction.


Overview: Presently, the site displays contact information on the bottom right hand of the footer. User can contact the resort via e-mail, phone or using contact form from footer.

Problem: Contact information is not adequately displayed and has to be searched for. Not ideal placement for users that have an immediate inquiry or concern.

Solution: Shift contact information to header, so user can easily find this information on page load. Offer both phone number and chat feature for various methods of contact. Having multiple options ensures user is able to complete the task.

Brief Study of Competitor Sites

The discovery phase included an analysis of various luxury resort destination sites, which were compared for design patterns and common trends. The findings were then examined and applied as an appropriate design treatment for the rebranding of the new site.

Key Takeaways

  • Attractive, bold landscape imagery
  • Clean, crisp, lightweight fonts
  • Significant use of whitespace
  • Flat, modular, contemporary layout

Practice safe design: use a concept.

Let the imagery tell the story...

Initial Study

Namale is a high-class 5 star resort, offering a wide array of amenities; however, the old site design did not adequately represent this luxury brand. Furthermore, the primary tasks a user would complete were often buried or resulted in excessive clicking. Targeting their general demographic of upper class, honeymooners and tourists, we wanted to streamline these tasks, to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the clientele.

The primary tasks a user would want to accomplish on this site:

  • A: Make a reservation
  • B: Contact support
  • C: Research activities

The Process

From Sketching to Sketch

Once data had been thoroughly analyzed, mood boards were created to set the overall tone for the site. A rich blend of bold emeralds against soft blues, woven with vibrant pops of gold, fully conveyed the island’s relaxing, tropical feel.

Once general color palette and typography had been determined, ideations were roughly sketched out and then moved into Sketch for wireframing. The combination of mood board for look and feel and wireframe for structure allowed us to determine a proper layout and style before moving on to full UI.


Luxury Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Task Success, Luxury Redefined.

Don't make me think

The new site enhancements now allow users to easily explore, inquire and book all with the touch of a button. Ease of use = happy users.

Let the imagery tell the story

Buh-bye, clutter. The use of bold imagery, prominent whitespace and clean lightweight fonts now properly convey the resort’s luxury brand.

Demographic Studies

By thoroughly understanding our target demographic, we were able to tailor the site to meet the primary user’s needs.

Small changes, big results.

The new, improved layout offers a much cleaner approach to displaying the content by helping users quickly complete their tasks. Information is made to be more quickly accessible and intuitive, by use of streamlined content and an updated, modern design. Users can now quickly book a reservation, explore the many amenities the resort has to offer, or interact with engaging social feeds. This design now caters to the three primary tasks of the site: Direct Bookings, Customer Support and Research. Essentially, this improved design allows users an improved user experience to quickly and easily accomplish their goals on the site.

Live Project