Foundation Case Study


This case study is intended to improve the overall brand presence of the Anthony Robbins Foundation, to provide a more intuitive user experience and help simplify the process of giving back. Significant emphasis is placed on creating further awareness and encouraging participation for the International Basket Brigade – a meal donation service that the site was built upon. The goal is to enhance overall usability on the site, as well as streamline with the Foundation’s most critical metrics:

Donations, Volunteer and Basket Brigade.


The Anthony Robbins Foundation is a non-profit organization created to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in the quality of life of people often forgotten – youth, homeless and hungry, prisoners, elderly and disabled. Dedicated to creating positive change in the lives of people who simply need a boost envisioning a happier and deeply satisfying way of life, the Anthony Robbins Foundation supports several outreach programs wholeheartedly. Whether through a donation of time, talent, resources or monetary support, there are countless ways your generosity and the Anthony Robbins Foundation can make a difference.

Task Based Analysis


Overview: The current structure displays a red “Donate” link within the main nav at the top of the page. The link then leads the user to a page with 6 CTA buttons.

Problem: Despite the bright color, link gets lost in the remainder of the content. The Donate page is cluttered with redundant CTAs, all leading to the same place. This can result in user frustration, as so many unnecessary options are presented.

Solution: To maintain user expectations and keep consistent with majority of other non-profit sites, display the “Donate” CTA as a button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Maintain this static nav across the site. Streamline the donation page by consolidating into one button. Less choice, more action.


Overview: The site contains a volunteer module on the homepage, as well as a child link within the main nav.

Problem: The site contains a great multitude of content on the homepage, that the user may feel overwhelmed with information. This can lead to user frustration and potential site abandonment.

Solution: Given that this is yet another common task, update the navigation and place directly next to the “Donate” CTA. These two tasks should live together in the upper right hand corner of the site.


Overview: The Basket Brigade is a critical component to this site, that needs more exposure. Currently, the site displays a module on the home page, as well as a child link in the main nav. On click, the user is taken to a map with several locations.

Problem: Despite the significance of this program, it is unclear what exactly it is.

Solution: In order to encourage interaction, we must first inform the users about the program. On the Basket Brigade page itself, clarify what the program is in the header, then move on to how to take action. Display as first parent nav item, as well as module listed under Programs. By fully understanding what the program entails, the users are more inclined to participate.


Overview: The Gift Shop is a key element to the Foundation’s success. Presently, the site displays a “Gift Shop” link in the upper main nav.

Problem: Link loses its significance and gets lost in a sea of content.

Solution: To draw more attention to the online store, create a module on the home page highlighting any new items. In addition, dedicate space to feature any specials or promos, to further increase transactions.

Brief Study of Competitor Sites

The discovery phase included an analysis of various philanthropic and non-profit sites, which were compared for design patterns and common trends. The findings were then examined and applied as an appropriate design treatment for the rebranding of the new site.

Key Takeaways

  • Bold, vibrant color palette
  • “Donate” button upper right corner
  • Significant use of whitespace
  • Display statistics of impact
  • Flat layout design

The Secret to Living is Giving.

Initial Study

The Anthony Robbins Foundation has a wealth of useful information; however, the old site design presents the user with a sense of “information overload” with an overwhelming abundance of content, making it difficult to contribute or volunteer. Furthermore, the primary tasks a user would complete on the site were often buried under layers of content. First, we need to identify the end goals of the user, so we can cater the site to their needs.

The primary tasks a user would want to accomplish on this site:

  • A: Make a donation
  • B: Inquire about volunteer work
  • C: Send meals via Basket Brigade

The Process


Once data had been thoroughly analyzed, ideations were roughly sketched out and then moved into Sketch for wireframing. Determining the structure for each critical page allowed us to determine a proper layout before moving on to full UI. Working in collaboration with another Designer, allowed us to create a new layout using their predefined typography, logo and color palette.




Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

The Ultimate Task Success

Don't make me think

No more information overload! The new simplified layout now allows the content to breathe, so a user can easily give back.

Making an Impact

Statistics give users a visual representation of the difference their contributions make, and further encourage participation.

Demographic Studies

By thoroughly understanding our target demographic, we were able to tailor the site to meet the primary user’s needs.